Wolf-Peter Schill

Welcome to my personal homepage. I’m an energy economist and deputy head of the Department Energy, Transportation, Environment at the German Institute for Economic Research (DIW Berlin). I am a member of the National Platform Future of Mobility (AG2) and the ESYS working group Hydrogen Economy 2030. I’m also part of the Australian-German Energy Transition Hub.

The main reason for maintaining this page is to provide legal open access versions of my peer-reviewed journal articles. If you are interested in my other publications (discussion papers, DIW Wochenberichte / Weekly Reports, Vierteljahrshefte, book chapters, project reports, etc.), my research projects, or my CV, please visit my institutional homepage at DIW Berlin. You may also find additional material on Scopus, REpEc, ResearchGate or Google Scholar. If you cannot find what you are looking for, please write me an email. I’m also on Twitter occasionally.

Economics of electrical storage

López Prol, J., Schill, W.-P. (2021): The Economics of Variable Renewables and Electricity Storage. Annual Review of Resource Economics, accepted for publication. arXiv preprint | published version (free e-print full text)

Günther, C., Schill, W.-P., Zerrahn, A. (2021): Prosumage of solar electricity: tariff design, capacity investments, and power sector effects. Energy Policy 152, 112168. published open access article

Schill, W.-P. (2020): Electricity storage and the renewable energy transition. Joule 4(10), 2059-2064. published version

Say, K., Schill, W.-P., John, M. (2020): Degrees of displacement: The impact of household PV battery prosumage on utility generation and storage. Applied Energy 276, 115466. arXiv preprint | published version

Zerrahn, A., Schill, W.-P., Kemfert, C. (2018): On the economics of electrical storage for variable renewable energy sources. European Economic Review 108, 259-279. arXiv preprint | published version

Schill, W.-P., Zerrahn, A. (2018): Long-run power storage requirements for high shares of renewables: results and sensitivities. Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 83, 156-171. open access | published version
Please note: this article contains an updated version of the calculations presented in the second part of our DIW Discussion Paper 1457 “A Greenfield Model to Evaluate Long-Run Power Storage Requirements for High Shares of Renewables”.

Zerrahn, A., Schill, W.-P. (2017): Long-run power storage requirements for high shares of renewables: review and a new model. Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 79, 1518-1534. open access | published version
Please note: in addition to the review, this article contains an extended version of the model description presented in the first part of our DIW Discussion Paper 1457 “A Greenfield Model to Evaluate Long-Run Power Storage Requirements for High Shares of Renewables”.

Schill, W.-P., Zerrahn, A., Kunz, F. (2017): Prosumage of solar electricity: pros, cons, and the system perspective. Economics of Energy and Environmental Policy 6(1), 7-31. open access | published version (free download)

Egerer, J., Schill, W.-P. (2014): Power system transformation toward renewables: Investment scenarios for Germany. Economics of Energy and Environmental Policy 3(2), 29-43. author copy | published version

Schill, W.-P. (2014): Residual Load, Renewable Surplus Generation and Storage Requirements in Germany. Energy Policy 73, 65-79. full text | published version

Schill, W.-P., Kemfert, C. (2011): Modeling Strategic Electricity Storage: The Case of Pumped Hydro Storage in Germany. The Energy Journal 32(3), 59-87. full text | published version

Green hydrogen

Stöckl, F., Schill, W.-P., Zerrahn, A. (2021): Optimal supply chains and power sector benefits of green hydrogen. Scientific Reports 11, 14191. arXiv preprint | published open access version

Power system interactions of electric vehicles

Gaete-Morales, C., Kramer, H., Schill, W.-P., Zerrahn, A. (2021): An open tool for creating battery-electric vehicle time series from empirical data, emobpy. Scientific Data 8, 152. arXiv preprint | published open access version

Schill, W.-P., Niemeyer, M., Zerrahn, A., Diekmann, J. (2016): Bereitstellung von Regelleistung durch Elektrofahrzeuge: Modellrechnungen für Deutschland im Jahr 2035. Zeitschrift für Energiewirtschaft 40 (2), 73-87. open access | published version

Schill, W.-P., Gerbaulet, C. (2015): Power System Impacts of Electric Vehicles in Germany: Charging with Coal or Renewables. Applied Energy 156, 185-196. full text | published version

Schill, W.-P. (2011): Electric Vehicles in Imperfect Electricity Markets: the Case of Germany. Energy Policy 39(10), 6178-6189. full text | published version

Electricity market modeling and design

Schill, W.-P., Pahle, M., Gambardella, C. (2017): Start-up costs of thermal power plants in markets with increasing shares of variable renewable generation. Nature Energy 2, 17050. full text | free view-only version | published version | Supplementary Information | Model code and input data

Pahle, M., Schill, W.-P., Gambardella, C., Tietjen, O. (2016): Renewable Energy Support, Negative Prices, and Real-time Pricing. The Energy Journal 37 (SI3), 147-169. open access | published version

Neuhoff, K., Diekmann, J., Kunz, F., Rüster, S., Schill, W.-P., Schwenen, S. (2016): A Coordinated Strategic Reserve to Safeguard the European Energy Transition. Utilities Policy 41, 252-263. full text | published version


Schill, W.-P., Zerrahn, A. (2020): Flexible electricity use for heating in markets with renewable energy. Applied Energy 266, 114571. published open access version

Bloess, A., Schill, W.-P., Zerrahn, A. (2018): Power-to-heat for renewable energy integration: A review of technologies, modeling approaches, and flexibility potentials. Applied Energy 212, 1611–1626. published open access version

Demand-side issues

Gambardella, C., Pahle, M., Schill, W.-P. (2020): Do Benefits from Dynamic Tariffing Rise? Welfare Effects of Real-Time Retail Pricing Under Carbon Taxation and Variable Renewable Electricity Supply. Environmental and Resource Economics 75, 183-213. open-access published version

Zerrahn, A., Schill, W.-P. (2015): On the representation of demand-side management in power system models. Energy 84, 840-845. full text | published version

Network regulation

Egerer, J., Rosellón, J., Schill, W.-P. (2015): Power System Transformation toward Renewables: An Evaluation of Regulatory Approaches for Network Expansion. The Energy Journal 36(4), 105-128. full text | published version

Schill, W.-P., Rosellón, J., Egerer, J. (2015): Testing Regulatory Regimes for Power Transmission Expansion with Fluctuating Demand and Wind Generation. Journal of Regulatory Economics 47, 1-28. full text | published version

Other energy and climate policy issues

Blazejczak, J., Braun, F.G., Edler, D., Schill, W.-P. (2014): Economic effects of renewable energy expansion: A model-based analysis for Germany. Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 40, 1070-1080. full text | published version

Pahle, M., Fan, L., Schill, W.-P. (2011): How Emission Certificate Allocations Distort Fossil Investments: The German Example. Energy Policy 39(4), 1975-1987. open access | published version

Low-wind-power events

Ohlendorf, N., Schill, W.-P. (2020): Frequency and duration of low-wind-power events in Germany. Environmental Research Letters 15(8), 084045. published open-access version

Open energy modeling and open energy data

Gaete-Morales, C., Kittel, M., Roth, A., Schill, W.-P. (2021): DIETERpy: a Python framework for The Dispatch and Investment Evaluation Tool with Endogenous Renewables. SoftwareX 15, 100784. arXiv preprint | published open-access version

Wiese, F., Schlecht, I., Bunke, W.-D., Gerbaulet, C., Hirth, L., Jahn, M., Kunz, F., Lorenz, C., Mühlenpfordt, J., Reimann, J., Schill, W.-P. (2019): Open Power System Data – Frictionless data for electricity system modelling. Applied Energy 236, 401-409. open access | published version

Waste electric and electronic equipment

Rotter, V.S., Chancerel, P., Schill, W.-P. (2011): Practicalities of Individual Producer Responsibility under the WEEE directive: Experiences in Germany. Waste Management and Research 29(9), 931-944. full text | published version